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June 19, 2010


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Snap Aurora, May 2010

I See Me! book launch at Aurora Cultural Centre

Joanna and Cheryl

Looking Glass Press held a book launch on May 6 for the
children's book I See Me at the Aurora Cultural Centre.
Along with a reading, there were also activities, games,
prizes, snacks and a yummy birthday cake. Signed,
personalized copies of the book were available for sale
and a special guest appearance was made by the book's
illustrator, Cheryl Uhrig, who contributed some of her
original art as colouring pages. For more information, please call


The Auroran, week of April 27, 2010

First-time Aurora author, Joanna Boldt, will launch her first book Thursday, May 6th from
5 to 8 p.m., at the Aurora Cultural Centre, once the historic Church Street School.

The new book, called I See Me!, was inspired by her daughter, and takes the reader
down a path of self-discovery with a powerful message that is timeless.

A long time resident of Aurora, Boldt is thrilled to be able to host her event at the Centre.

Guided by Wise Elder, the reader witnesses Wise Child's awareness expand and unfold to a
level of wholeness that includes all beings and all things. "Wise Child mirrors for us our
greater belongingness to all that is," said Boldt.

Her book was recently released in hardcover from Looking Glass Press. It is 32 pages, and
will be available for sale at the book launch party. Along with a reading, there will also be activities,
games, prizes, snacks and a birthday cake.

"What kind of a party would it be without cake?" she said. A special guest appearance will be made
by the book’s illustrator, Cheryl Uhrig. She will be contributing some of her original art as colouring pages
for the kids and may autograph them.

For the author, this endearing story is a vision, a promise, and a dream come true. After years of

working in advertising, marketing and sales, Joanna's career came to a crashing halt when a

multiple vehicle accident almost claimed her life. Many years of surgeries and rehab gave Joanna
a lot of time to reflect, and a new way of being began to emerge.

She is a long-time resident of Aurora.

The author is available for readings, workshops, and fundraisers

York Region Media Group, February 9, 2010


Joanne and Cheryl

Book teaches young readers to look at world differently.
Joanna Boldt (left) and Cheryl E. Uhrig are the author and
illustrator respectively of the book I See Me.

Book teaches young readers to
look at world differently

By Amanda Persico

An author and illustrator encourage children to see the world in a new light in their book, I See Me.

Author Joanna Boldt and illustrator Cheryl Uhrig came together to create a story centred
around the characters Wise Child and Wise Elder to teach children and adults how to look at the world.

"It's a simple book with a simple message," said Ms Boldt, an Aurora resident and first-time author. "It's
about getting back to nature and seeing our reflection in nature. If we see us there, we won't abuse it."

In the book, Wise Elder takes Wise Child by the hand to discover a wonderful world outside the
child's view. "We're all part of the same whole world," Newmarket's Ms Uhrig said.

"Children often see the world as it relates to them. This book teaches us to see new things and see everything."

The story sat in a file cabinet for almost five years before it was published. "The writing came quickly
and organically. It was unintended," Ms Boldt said. "I just started to play with rhymes and it came out. The
hard part was finding an illustrator, so it sat in the back cupboard."

It was a chance encounter at a yoga class that helped bring to life Ms Boldt's story. "It was my new year's
resolution to get the book published," Ms Boldt said. "We met through a friend of a friend."

It took less than a year for the duo to create pictures and rhymes and get the book published.

"The more we talked, the more (Ms Boldt's) passion became contagious," Ms Uhrig said. "The delightful story
came about after many hours of collaboration and many cups of tea. Each page is teaming with life;
there is abundant life."

The story takes a spiritual approach to nature using bears as the main characters. Throughout the story,
Wise Child encounters many living things, from plants to ants, that unite in nature.

"Kids understand the magic and mystery of nature," Ms Boldt said. "Adults can sometimes lose that."

At the end of the book, there is a list of all the animals captured in the story, including each
species' symbolic meaning. "Bears are like people of all ages," Ms Boldt said. "Bears are good mothers
and it's a story about Mother Earth, who, like small children, is crying for attention."

Ms Boldt is working on two other stories and hopes to publish them in the next year. Meanwhile, Ms Uhrig is working on illustrations for a catch-all cookbook for The Golden Rescue, a golden retriever rescue and adoption agency.